⚔️Cross Chain Swap Mode - Integration Docs

Swap mode lets your users buy your token, right on your website.

Try Swap mode here.

Swap Mode Quickstart

Step 1/2: Install the package and paste the below component into your app

yarn add @brydge-network/utils
import { encodeUrl } from '@brydge-network/utils';

const url =
      'https://brydge.network/widget/' +
        widgetMode: 'SWAP',
        darkMode: true,
        title: 'Buy ICE on Polygon',
        destinationChainId: 137,
        outputTokenAddress: '0xc6c855ad634dcdad23e64da71ba85b8c51e5ad7c',
        backgroundColor: '#000000',
function App() {
  return (
        <iframe src={url} width={360} height={470} />

export default App;

Step 2/2: Customize your props

🚧pageHow to Customize Props for Your Use Case

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