If my transaction is cross-chain, do I need to confirm a second transaction on the destination chain?

No. Just a single transaction confirmation on source chain.

Do I need to pay gas on the destination chain?

No. Just on source chain.

What wallets does Brydge support?

Any noncustodial wallet that you do! Brydge does not place any constraints on your choice of wallet provider.

What chains does Brydge support?

View supported chains here.

How can I view my transaction's status?

Brydge provides a link to your transaction's status as soon as you confirm your transaction in your wallet. You can also view current + historical transactions at www.brydge.network/status.

If you're a dApp wanting to provide real-time updates to your users throughout their transaction, you can do so with our white label Transaction Status API.

Does Brydge take custody of user's funds at any point in the transaction?

No. Brydge is a noncustodial protocol. Learn more about how Brydge works here.

How long do Brydges take?

Same-chain transactions finalize at block time (generally <30 seconds). Cross-chain transactions usually finalize in ~2 minutes, but can take up to 20 minutes.

Is Brydge a bridge/DEX aggregator?

No, although there is some overlap. Aggregators are good at getting token A on chain X --> token B on chain Y efficiently. Brydge takes this a step further, enabling arbitrary calldata execution (buying an NFT from your marketplace contract, adding liquidity to your pool, etc) in addition to simple cross chain swaps.

Can I customize Brydge's theming? I want to match my site's font and color scheme.

Absolutely. Customize the Brydge widget here.

Do you have a completely white-label API?

Not as of right now, although the Brydge widget is incredibly customizable and can be easily edited to seamlessly match your dApp's font, color, borders, and more. See some custom theme template examples here.

Who is the Brydge team? Are they doxxed?

We're a public team of engineers from top organizations, such as Google, Amazon, Blockchain @ Berkeley, Tesla, and UC Berkeley. See us here.

I have a question that isn't answered here.

Contact us on Telegram or Discord!

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