Contract Architecture

Brydge's goal is to create a seamless experience for a user to transact between protocols. In this case, we look specifically at a mechanism to allow users to purchase assets on one chain from another.

Example Transaction Flow

User has TokenA on ChainA and wishes to purchase an asset on ChainB from a contract that expects TokenB.
  1. 1.
    User confirms a transaction to BrydgeMultichainRouter on ChainA including a payload of desired transactions and an amount of TokenA
  2. 2.
    BrydgeMultichainRouter forwards TokenA and payload to BrydgeMultichainPortal
  3. 3.
    BrydgeMultichainPortal executes a swap via a DEX from TokenA --> USDC
  4. 4.
    BrydgeMultichainPortal sends USDC and remaining payload --> Stargate on ChainA
  5. 5.
    Stargate routes USDC and payload --> BrydgeMultichainPortal on ChainB
  6. 6.
    BrydgeMultichainPortal executes a swap via a DEX from USDC --> TokenB
  7. 7.
    BrydgeMultichainPortal executes asset purchase
  8. 8.
    BrydgeMultichainPortal forwards asset --> User on ChainB

Visual Design