Brydge is a security-first team. We have extensive experience in blockchain development and come from top organizations such as Google, Amazon, Blockchain @ Berkeley, and Tesla. Each piece of code pushed to production has multiple reviewers, and our smart contracts are continuously audited.

More points of note:

  • Brydge's contracts are non-upgradeable, open source, and verified on each of our supported chains' block explorers

  • Brydge's contracts are thoroughly and regularly audited. View the public reports below

  • Brydge's contracts are always empty--they are limited to routing a user's funds through a transaction. Therefore, attacking Brydge's contracts provides limited potential reward for an exploiter

  • Brydge's liquidity is sourced from Uniswap and Stargate, which combined hold billions in TVL, process tens of thousands of daily transactions, and benefit from $3mm+ of security audits

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