🖼️Purchasing, Staking, Minting, and More

Enable your users to buy your NFTs, stake in your pools, and call your existing contracts using any token from any supported blockchain

Purchase Process

Buying from or staking in most protocols is hard, especially for new users. Here's the normal process for buying from a Polygon NFT marketplace, beginning with ETH on Ethereum:

  1. Start with ETH on Ethereum

  2. Find a bridge

  3. Confirm the bridging transaction

  4. Wait for tokens to arrive on destination chain

  5. Get gas on the destination chain from a faucet

  6. Find a DEX that has liquidity for the token you need on the destination chain

  7. Approve ERC20 token spend to the DEX's contract

  8. Confirm the swap transaction

  9. Go to your website

  10. Approve ERC20 token spend to your contract

  11. Confirm the final purchase transaction

Here's what buying from your website looks like with Brydge:

  1. Connect wallet to the Brydge widget on your website

  2. Select which chain to pay from

  3. Select which token to pay with

  4. Confirm the final purchase transaction

Use the above example in production here.

View the integration docs for Purchase mode:

🛒pagePurchase Mode - Integration Docs

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